Spring Weeding With Friends

2013-04-06 18.21.57

The blogging deities, Henry David Thoreau, and Margaret Atwood would have been immensely proud of us on “Yard Clean Up” Saturday.

Remember that quote by Henry David Thoreau, from my first post, which described gardening as a social and civil activity?  What’s that?  Of course you remember because I rarely post on my blog?…

Tough crowd.

Well, apparently, it inspired my friend over at Sturdy Thirty to plan a yard clean-up party over the weekend.  I’d say it was a FUNtastic way to spend a gorgeous and sunny Saturday.  Surely beats being cramped indoors like the hermit crab I’ve recently become.  Oh, college…  How I miss you so.

Stephanie, another friend who has a blog of her own, joined the green thumb battle against weeds and other unpleasant things in Sturdy Thirty’s yard.  If we learned anything, other than I’m a gardener who forgets to bring his own tools to a garden party is that smelling like dirt (and blogging) is much more exciting in the company of friends.

The next challenge is to keep up the beautification streak and attend future garden parties at Sturdy Thirty’s place and start a long overdue garden project in the back of my family’s townhouse.

Spring is in the air and I’m loving it!

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