5 Things You Will Want To Know About Hortipopia

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday! Long time, no see, eh?

It’s been a busy hiatus for me. While I was away from the blogging world, adult life (read: work!) preoccupied most of my time. I spent some of my free time brain storming about Hortipopia and what I wanted from this experience to be for me and all of you who visit. After spending too much time sorting things out, I created an “About Hortipopia” page that pretty much sums up my objectives by answering the question: What kind of garden blog is Hortipopia?

In addition to the about page, I created a list of five things you’ll want to know about Hortipopia Gardenblog (HPGB for short).

Are you ready for the Q&A? Sweet! Let’s get to it.


What is Hortipopia?

One of the first challenges in creating a blog is coming up with a name. I must have gone through a hundred names before HORTIPOPIA came to mind. The first part of the name (HORTI-) derives from the latin word hortus, meaning garden. HORTI- is also associated with the word horticulture which is the part of agriculture that deals with the art, science, technology, and business involved in plant cultivation.

The second part of the name (-POP-) was included in the name to suggest the blog will be about gardening with a POP of life, culture, and everything else. The “everything else” will be covered later in the blog post.

Last but not least, (-IA)! The final part of the name HORTIPOPIA originates from two words that best describes my love affair with horticulture and life in the garden – Euphoria and Utopia. My beliefs are that the garden experience shall always be a euphoric one and that my garden, or any other green space, must serve as my utopia.

So let’s recap: I work in Florida’s horticulture industry to earn a living, my desire to grow my interests in leisure gardening led to the creation of this blog, and my belief that gardening must lead you to a euphoric state of min. Yes – I think Hortipopia totally deserves to be this blog’s name.

What do I mean by garden experience?

To most members of the garden community, gardening is more than just a chore, job, or hobby – it’s a way of life. The best way for me to possess that attitude is to consider leisure time in the garden a euphoric experience. An experience that will be well-rounded as my interaction with plants will not be exclusive to gardens since plant life does exist in natural and urban green spaces as well.

Why am I garden blogging?

I love plants and I’ve had blogs in the past so why not marry both by creating Hortipopia? All silliness aside, it’ll be a great way to document my garden adventures and connect with other gardeners and bloggers.

So in a way, I want Hortipopia to be more than just a garden blog. I’d like it to be a community of hort nerds, garden geeks, flora fanatics, and botany buffs who appreciate the fact that plants are EVERYTHING!

God Save The Kingdom Plantae!

What will I feature in Hortipopia?

Here’s a sample of the topics and features I will cover in this blog. Keep in mind that the names may be changed and the list is not extensive.

Beautifying Gardenyard: I have to tend to what I love so you can expect more Gardenyard beautification to take place over the summer.

Plants beyond Gardenyard: This feature will focus on plants I discover outside of my garden. I’ll wander into other gardens (private and public), visit urban green spaces, and explore plants in their natural habitat.

Gardenyard’s Plant Collection: A page and topic that will serve as an inventory of my garden’s plant collection

HPGB Seed Bank: A page and topic that will document the seeds I’ve collected.

HPGB Plant ID: This will be a multifaceted feature of different blog entries where I’ll identify plant species by their name and include some of their unique characteristics, a separate page that will serve as a reference for everyone’s plant identification needs, and a community-driven hashtag on social media (mainly twitter and facebook) to encourage a friendly tweeter help identify a plant for a fellow garden geek.

What is Gardenyard?

For those of you who are new, Gardenyard is the name of my small enclosed garden. Continuing the theme of blending words for a name, Gardenyard is a unification of two words, garden and courtyard.

So that about wraps everything up for now. If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below. Better yet, find me on twitter (@victorculturist) and let’s start a conversation!

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