Poinsettias in July

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There are only green leaves now but these poinsettias will get their signature colorful bracts in time for the holiday season.

It’s July. What better time to pause and reflect the quick passage of time between Christmas past and Christmas future than during Christmas in July. In the southern hemisphere, Christmas in July is an excuse to spread holiday cheer during their winter months, since December for them is in the height of summer. I can sympathize with my fellow neighbors below the equator. In Florida our winters seems just as warm as our summers, albeit with less humidity and thunderstorms. The tourists love our winters but I really don’t because I love the cold air.

Christmas in July takes on a whole new meaning in my garden. Though they are still off-season, my poinsettias from last Christmas are making a nice recovery by showing off their dark green leaves.

Here are the poinsettias I have out back. Yes I still have them on display only because I have no space for a fancy greenhouse or a garden work bench. Sadface.

Knowing how fast 2014 is flying by, I’m sure the poinsettias’ colorful bracts will emerge in no time. For one thing, it’ll be easier to identify the varieties once that happens in the Fall.

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Celebrate Earth

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Happy Earth Day, y’all!

The treehugger [slash] green-thumber in me believes in celebrating our planet on days beyond April 22.  For some of my buddies, it’s easy to keep mother nature low in the priority list.  I’m looking at you and your F-450, Bubba.

Stow away your guilt because I have a list of local (Florida) and national organizations you can follow or down-right commit yourself to commemorate the greenest of all holidays. Sidebar: does it count as a holiday if I had to show up to work this morning? Ugh.

Here’s my list…

Sierra Club: Founded by John Muir, America’s most renowned and influential naturalist, Sierra Club is perhaps THE organization to join if you’re serious in your pledge to Earth.  Sierra Club is a national organization advancing environmental causes from the grassroots level and there are state-level chapters you can join as well.

Florida Native Plant Society: The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.  I’m sure there are similar societies like FNPS beyond the sunshine state.

American Community Gardening Association: If you’d rather get down and dirty with your new best friends, the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) is a fantastic resource to build community and expand your social network (sans the interwebz) through the power of gardening.

So there you have it! Three out of a multitude of associations to help you perk up your green credentials.  Feel free to add any of your favorite organizations, or share your tips on how to become a better ambassador for our planet, all by leaving a comment below.


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