Gal Pal Wants a Garden Wedding

I’ve reached the age when engagement and pregnancy announcements are all the buzz in my news feed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sincerely happy for each and every one of those lovebirds and parents-to-be.  But out of all those notifications from the past year, the one which stood out the most was from my long-time gal pal Casey.

Months have passed since the news broke on Facebook.  She also made time to share the news personally over a lunch date in a Winter Park pastry shop.  Sweet, right?

It doesn’t seem like much but I’ve experienced a series of wedding invitation snubs over the years.  Why do I care? I think it’ll be a hassle to get fit, dress up, and find myself a strictly platonic date — but you know what? The blood, sweat, and dedication will all be worth it to witness the momentous day.

In the off chance Casey’s engagement didn’t excite me enough, she’s commissioning my garden design [slash] horticultural expertise for her backyard wedding in a maybe-soon-to-be purchased home. Even if Casey and her fiance’s plans to own a home is pushed back for later in life, I still believe a garden-themed wedding will be a strong contender for any type of venue.

Though planning for the wedding may still be in the developmental stage, it’s never too early to start researching, right? I wish college-aged me had that kind of work ethic.

Anyways… Let’s get to business. Here’s what I found, so far, from the lovely world wide web (mostly from a single source… Thanks Ruffled!).

1920’s Garden Wedding

088-wedding-photographer-larmer-tree-gardens 079-wedding-photographer-larmer-tree-gardens 087-wedding-photographer-larmer-tree-gardens

 [Hat Tip: Ruffled / Wedding Location: Salisbury, UK / Venue: Larmer Tree Garden / Photos By: Lisa Dawn]

Peacock Garden Wedding

austin-tx-chic-wedding-010 austin-tx-chic-wedding-049 austin-tx-chic-wedding-039

[Hat Tip: Ruffled / Wedding Location: Austin, TX / Venue: Mayfield Park and Preserve / Photos: Gabe Aceves]

I’m sure there’s more out there for me to explore all things garden-style weddings. If you can offer a tip with links or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Until next time…

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