Hello friends! My name is Victor and I’m a rookie horticulturist still relatively new to the hobbyist side of gardening in sunny FL Zone 9B. Within the last decade my love for plants has revolved around the professional aspects of plant cultivation; first as a college student majoring in plant sciences and now as a resident gardener responsible for the botanical maintenance in a four-diamond resort. Working with plants and considering it a career is a dream come true, but there’s something missing.

While I’m doing a good job around plants on a professional level, the same can’t be stated about my spending quality leisure time in Gardenyard (my garden’s name). Simply put, my personal garden life is as dormant as an evergreen tree in the winter. To change that, I’ll need to balance out my work-to-personal garden life ratio, and in a way, adjust my thoughts and attitude. Gardening and all things horticulture will be considered as more than a hobby or a career for me – from here on out, it’s going to be a lifestyle.

Hortipopia is a garden lifestyle blog where I’ll chronicle my ongoing story as a rookie horticulturist committed to the garden experience by discovering unexpected ways to interact with plants that will be more fun, social, and meaningful.

I invite you all – from fresh starters to master gardeners and everyone in between – to join in on my horticultural adventures within and beyond the friendly confines of my garden.

Since you’re already here, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. Garden blogging is more fun with friends, right?