The Fabulous Names of Caladiums


Three years ago I heard a delicate voice call out a goofy name. “Miss Muffet… Where are you Miss Muffet?” It was the morning of my first participation in a color bed installation project at work. The horticulture work room was bustling with my fellow co-workers scrambling to find and unload the plants we needed from large mobile racks filled with caladiums.

“Where’s Miss Muffet?” The delicate voice belonged to one of my beloved co-workers. Bless her sweet heart. I thought to myself: Why are we looking for Little Miss Muffet? She obviously sat on her tuffet, right?

But then I found Miss Muffet and it wasn’t the little girl from the nursery rhyme. She was one of the many caladium varieties supplied to us for this aforementioned color bed install project. Since then, I haven’t gotten over the fact of how hilariously clever caladium variety names are.

Like for real… Here are some of my favorites!

Miss Muffet

We all know that Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet but don’t you dare call THIS Miss Muffet little… Or else…

White Queen

She is the HBIC and the queen of elegance all rolled into one. White Queen is a true royal diva.

Red Ruffles

You may believe ruffles are so last century but this scarlet beauty brings back the thrill in frills.

Cherry Tart

This caladium is serving up some drag queen realness with her name. YOU. BETTER. WERK!

Florida Sweetheart

This sweet southern belle, hailing from the sunshine state, will seduce you with her charming good looks. She has red and pink leaves? Oh my!

Honorable Mention: Frog in a Blender

I get it — the name is slightly disturbing but no frog was harmed in the naming of this caladium.

HPGB - Caladium Mood Board


If this whole being a resident gardener at the work garden doesn’t pan out, I’ll look into becoming one of those folks responsible for naming caladium varieties. What do you think? The comments are yours!

[Image Sources: Classic Caladiums | ADR Bulbs | Park Seed | Caladiums Online]

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    I didn’t know of there being a name “Miss Muffet” for a plant! The things I learn from you! 🙂

  2. Victor Says:


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