Blooming Plumeria


Every gardener has a success story, and if the gardener is blessed with talent, he/she will have several living achievements proudly displayed in their gardens. My lone garden achievement of the season is a Plumeria. This beauty is a gift my mother received from a co-worker. This member of the Apocynaceae plant family was a tiny little thing when we received it in 2009, coming in a 1-gallon container and was just shy of 14 inches in height. Since then, the Plumeria has gone through several moves in two different forms (first, transplanted a couple times into bigger pots and then in three different gardens as we moved from one part of the Orlando area to another), even when I finally settled in the current place, the Plumeria still had to endure several months (and by several months I mean a couple of years) in the mud pit that was my garden. The Plumeria has lived through some tough times but I have never seen it bloom since its first flowers emerged in 2011.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

It’s appropriate that the Plumeria waited until Gardenyard was beautified to bloom for the first time in forever. Now the Plumeria stands taller than me (I’m a tiny 5’8”) and is currently in a 7-gallon plastic container.

With these impressive stats, I believe my lovely Plumeria has earned an upgrade to a ceramic pot. Don’t you think?

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