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Human nature dictates that the last thing we want to do at home is something that reminds us of our work life.  My challenge is that I maintain the gardens of a well-known central Florida resort for a living.  Therefore, with the photo placed above, the aforementioned theory is proven to be true in my life.  I do an awesome job at work (yayyyyyy!), but my home garden begs for my love and undivided attention (boooooo! you rookie!).

It only took me 19 months from the moment I moved in to my spring awakening today, but I guess good things happen to gardens who wait, right?  In order to inspire me, I’ve compiled a list of five things I want to incorporate in this plot of sand and weeds that will soon carry the name Gardenyard.


Use of Vertical Height


I have a small space flanked by walls on two sides, but the lack of horizontal space won’t curb my creativity. Vertical is the way to go. The real question is: What materials will I use to build a vertical garden? Reclaimed wood, reusing an old pallet, concrete blocks, metal cans, a wall of felt? The possibilities are bountiful!



by Falling Waters Landscape - California

I’d like to keep things simple in this department. As much as I appreciate the natural look of jagged edges on flagstone, the rectangular shape of Gardenyard would be best complimented by angular lines illustrated by the photo above.



Gardening Container Gardens

If I’m going with the streamlined look of grey angular stones in Gardenyard’s floor, the endless styles of containers will satisfy my appetite for the wild and crazy. Variations like colors, textures, container types, and infinity!




Gardenyard does not offer me the size to make it an outdoor living space, but as long as I can lounge outside, bask under the sun with a mojito readily stationed on a table next to me, I’ll be a happy (and responsibly boozed) gardener.




Look, folks, asking me to pick a favorite plant will be a mistake in your part because I can bore you with a 30-minute ramble on why I’m upset Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple) is not suited well for Zone 9B (my home zone). The next best thing are succulents. They are just so… What’s are the words? Ah, YES! Thrilling and filling.


The Big Finish!

So there you have it. These are my garden inspirations fueling the pursuit for a more perfect and beautiful Gardenyard. What are some projects you would love to start this spring (or summer) out in your own garden?


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  1. Sturdy Thirty Says:

    Oh my gosh these inspirations are amazing!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, Garden Guru.

  2. Victorculturist Says:

    Aren’t you a sweetheart! Thanks.

  3. | Live green, garden hard. Says:

    […] this year I shared garden inspirations for the small yet cozy enclosed space my family and I acquired when we moved in to our current […]

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